This Baby Is The Ultimate Loudspeaker With
Her Non-stop Tearing For More Than 100

6-month-old Kurt Summers has been wailing since the day he was born. For months, they’ve tried everything to stop him from crying.

Kurt’s parents have even taken him to doctors, worried that he might be ill, but even they couldn’t determine what was wrong, let alone how to stop him from crying.

No matter what they did, nothing seemed to work.

“We’ve been up for months now trying to get little Kurt to calm down.”

“The only time we ever get to sleep is when he sleeps, just to be woken up mere hours later.”

“We’re at our wits end, and not just from the lack of sleep.”

“We’re worried that something bad might have happened to him”

– Maria Summers

Prayers Finally Answered

Dr. Nicholas Blakely, a pediatrician with over 20 years of experience heard of Kurt’s case and contacted his parents for a visit to conduct an in-depth diagnosis of his condition, and this was what he found.

“Kurt has Colic, a condition where newborn babies would cry non-stop because they’re extremely stressed out about their environment.”

“Usually, babies grow out of this phase after 3 months. but Kurt’s case is the first I’ve seen to have lasted this long.”

“While this condition is normally pretty harmless the constant crying could lead to respiratory issues over time and lead to chronic pains and breathing difficulties for life.”

– Dr. Nicholas Blakely

400-Year-Old Quiet Tradition

Kurt’s rare disorder reminded him of his research on 17th century midwife journals. In the thousands of pages of journal entries, there wasn’t even a single mention of excessively crying newborn babies.

In fact, those journals report that babies under the care of these midwives were always calm and happy. His investigations led him to a special technique they used to calm babies in less than 20 seconds.

He never heard of that before. It seemed ridiculous. While every parent knows that their babies can be calmed down, how could it be done in mere seconds?

But thinking that this technique might be able to help Kurt, Dr. Blakely tested it on him. And for the first time ever, Kurt stopped crying.

“My little Kurt fell asleep within seconds too.”

“Since he stopped crying, he could fall asleep for a longer time”

“Without waking up in the middle of the night”

“Giving him and us the rest we need after spending months awake”

– Maria Summers

Dr. Blakely knew that he found the holy grail for parents around the world, but this technique wasn’t easy to replicate.

It took him weeks to just to teach the Summers to get it right, and it had to be done all the time whenever the baby cries.

No More Tears

So, he teamed up with a team of designers to engineer the perfect item that keeps babies relaxed around the clock. After months of research and development, he created the perfect thing to keep babies calm all the time called Tranquila™.

Dr. Blakely explains the science behind it.

“Everyone knows that upset babies cry.”

“But why do they get upset?”

“Most of the time, it’s because they’re hungry or need a diaper change.”

“But sometimes, they cry because of their environment.”

“In Kurt’s case, he was extremely sensitive to it.”

“For these babies, it’s almost impossible to calm them down.”

“With Tranquila™, any anxious or stressed-out baby will feel at ease.”

“It’s a baby hammock that simulates conditions in the womb.”

“Which leads to lower electrical impulses, while increasing melatonin levels in the brain”

“This acts as a natural relaxant for babies and eliminates the main factors that causes Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)”

“Tranquila™ suspends them in a secure place, mimicking the feel of being in amniotic fluid.”

“Providing optimal airflow while helping them feel comfy all the time no matter their surroundings.”

“Tranquila™ also reduces separation anxiety which is the main cause of babies crying in the middle of the night.”

“Letting them and parents continue with uninterrupted sleep.”

– Dr. Nicholas Blakely

Peace At Last

Ever since the launch of Tranquila™, thousands of new parents have gotten a serene grace from noise.

Just like 32-year-old mother of quadruplets Sandra Richards who shares her journey to a new tranquil home.

“I’ve always wanted a big family and after years of trying I finally have one.”

“My 4 babies are my entire world but having to care for them all at once can get tiring.”

“Especially when they all get grumpy and cry at the same time.”

“Even with the help of my husband and mum, it’s still too much.”

“But with Tranquila™, my babies have been so quiet.”

“They’re always so calm and barely make noise anymore.”

“It’s like they’re little angels that just smile.”

– Sandra Richards

Join Many Tranquil Families

Sandra journey isn’t one of a kind either. Families all around the world are picking up Tranquila™ like hotcakes.

But supplies just can’t keep up with the demand, so, hurry up and get one before it’s too late. You can turn your baby’s cry for help into a bundle of joy.

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