Eiinsole™ - Madeleine Pippa

The use of magnets in medicine dates back to the 15th century where alchemists used it to "draw disease" away from the body. By combining the ancient practice of reflexology with magnets, the Eiinsole™ are designed to massage your way to better health. A breakthrough in providing fast and permanent relief for pain and inflammation, the Eiinsole™ provide firm support while reshaping and realigning the feet into the perfect anatomical position.

Amazing Benefits

  • Provides Extra Cushioning: The Eiinsole™ offer better alignment and improved cushioning to ensure your feet stays comfortable all day.
  • Promotes Blood Circulation: By stimulating acupressure points, blood flow is significantly improved, reducing inflammation and muscle soreness
  • Therapeutic Pain Relief: Instantly relieves pain starting with the foot and then all throughout the body. With regular use, you can see a significant decrease in body aches and pains
  • Reduces Stress And Fatigue: Promotes healthy blood circulation and pain relief for all-around health and wellness

Directions for Use

  1. Use your foot to directly measure the needed size for the insoles and cut accordingly.
  2. Put the insoles in the shoes.
  3. Clean and air-dry insoles regularly.

NOTE: Eiinsole™ is available in Small (US Size 5-7) and Large (US size 7-14) and come with cut-out guides so you can trim into a smaller size as needed.


I’ve been suffering from plantar fasciitis for years now and I’ve tried everything possible to help my feet recover. When I saw how raised the magnetic parts of Einsoles™ were, I was concerned that they would hurt my feet. However, they were so comfy in my tennis shoes. I started wearing them for an hour or two at a time and have been increasing the length of wear gradually. So far, so good. The tiny bumps in the insoles gives my feet a good massage throughout the day. I also don't feel like my feet tire out as fast as I work standing for long periods. The cutting guides make it really easy to cut them down to size. I’m definitely buying more to fit in my other shoes.

Teresa Henderson, IL

✔ Verified Purchase

I’m a farmer so I wear rain boots regularly. The thing about these boots is that they don’t provide proper arch support so by the end of the day, the soles of my feet hurt really bad. My wife found the Eiinsole™ online and thought I should give it a go. It turned out to be everything I could ever want in a pair of insoles and more. The bumps press exactly on the areas that hurt and relieves the pain almost immediately. I initially thought it would be uncomfortable to walk in them but they proved otherwise. Highly recommended!

Sheldon Carter, NC

✔ Verified Purchase

I suffer from a bad case of sciatica. The pain can be excruciating especially when I walk long distance. My doctor recommended for me to undergo surgery but I insist there must be a non-surgical way to cure it. So, I began searching and after the longest time, I found Eiinsole™. Tried it out and haven’t look back since. I can honestly say it’s made a world of difference. After using it for a week, the pain just completely went away. It feels as though I’m walking on clouds. So happy to have found this product! Five stars!

Amy Fabian, FL

✔ Verified Purchase


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